24-pulse HVDC conversion

Title24-pulse HVDC conversion
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsArrillaga J, Villablanca M
Conference NameGeneration, Transmission and Distribution, IEE Proceedings C
ISBN Number0143-7046 VO - 138
Keywords12-pulse related harmonics, 24-pulse HVDC conversion, DC ripple reinjection, harmonics, high-voltage techniques, power convertors
AbstractA technique known as DC ripple reinjection, which has already been shown capable of operating a six-pulse rectifier effectively as a twelve-pulse convertor, is extended to convert the standard twelve-pulse HVDC convertor group into a 24-pulse configuration. Theoretical and experimental results are provided to demonstrate that the modified convertor configuration eliminates the 12-pulse related harmonics on both sides of the convertor