AC vs. DC distribution: Maximum transfer capability

TitleAC vs. DC distribution: Maximum transfer capability
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStarke MR, Li F, Tolbert LM, Ozpineci B
ISBN Number1932-5517 VO -
KeywordsAC distribution, Communication system control, continuation power flow method, controllability, DC distribution, DC power systems, Load flow, Marine vehicles, maximum power transfer, maximum transfer capability, power distribution, Power generation, power system modeling, Power system protection, power system simulation, power systems, Stability, three line DC system, transmission networks, Voltage
AbstractMany studies comparing AC and DC systems have focused on efficiency, stability, and controllability, but have not compared the maximum transfer capability. In this paper, the maximum transfer capability of an AC system and two DC systems, one with two lines and another with three, is determined through the continuation power flow method and compared. The results reveal that significant gains can be achieved by moving to a DC system with three lines.