Control and implementation of a three-phase voltage-doubler reversible AC to DC converter

TitleControl and implementation of a three-phase voltage-doubler reversible AC to DC converter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsPan C-T, Jiang M-C
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1995. PESC '95 Record., 26th Annual IEEE
ISBN NumberVO - 1
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, active switches, adjustable output voltage, bidirectional interface, Bidirectional power flow, Circuit testing, control system analysis, control system synthesis, Detectors, feedback, Feedback control, feedforward, feedforward control, Hardware, hardware circuit, Impedance, instantaneous voltage detector, Load flow, network analysis, network synthesis, Power system harmonics, Prototypes, Reactive power, Rectifiers, reversible AC/DC power convertor, sinusoidal input current, small-signal model, Switches, switching circuits, Testing, three-phase voltage-doubler, unity power factor, Voltage control, voltage multipliers, zero audio susceptibility, zero output impedance
AbstractIn this paper, a novel three-phase bidirectional interface is proposed by using only four active switches to simplify the hardware circuit and achieve unity power factor, sinusoidal input current, adjustable output voltage and bidirectional power flow capability. To ensure obtaining clean input current waveform, the current tracking mechanism is analyzed together with graphical aid and some critical design conditions are presented. Finally, a small-signal model is derived and, in addition to the feedback control, an instantaneous voltage detector is proposed for the added feedforward control to achieve almost zero output impedance and zero audio susceptibility. A prototype hardware circuit is constructed and some experimental results are presented for demonstration