DC, Come Home: DC Microgrids and the Birth of the "Enernet"

TitleDC, Come Home: DC Microgrids and the Birth of the "Enernet"
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPatterson BT
ISBN Number1540-7977 VO - 10
Keywordscentralized power generation, DC electricity, dc microgrid, DC technologies, distributed power generation, distribution networks, Electricity supply industry, Enernet, History, Microgrids, Power demand, power distribution, power grids
AbstractMost discussions about ac versus dc electricity include a retelling of the famous technical and commercial battle between Edison and Westinghouse/Tesla. It's a story about everything from electrocuting elephants at state fairs to the ambitious work of electrifying both urban and rural America. It's the tale of one of man's greatest engineering feats. It tells of a centralized power generation system based on the dominant use of incandescent light bulbs and ac constant-speed motors. In the end though, it is a retelling of history and unfortunately, it is a history that doesn't project.