{DC Islands in AC Smart Grids}

Title{DC Islands in AC Smart Grids}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsGrillo S, Musolino V, Piegari L, Tironi E, Tornelli C
ISBN Number0885-8993 VO - 29
KeywordsAC distribution network, AC smart grid, Batteries, centralized system management control unit, control strategy, DC distribution networks, DC island interconnection, DC islands, DC test facility, distribution networks, electric drives, electrical drive, high quality supply, Integrated circuit modeling, numerical analysis, plug-and-play functionality, power 100 kW, power converter, power convertors, Power distribution control, renewable energy sources, renewable sources, RSE, smart grid, Smart grids, smart power grids, storage system, storage systems, supercapacitors, System-on-chip, Test facilities, Voltage control, voltage regulation, voltage stability
AbstractThe advantages arising from dc distribution networks are related to the possibilities of achieving higher quality supply and easier reconfigurability of the system. This paper presents the concept of introducing some dc islands interconnected with the ac distribution network. This will make it easier to connect storage systems, electrical drives, power converters, and renewable sources (i.e., photovoltaic panels). In order to realize the aforementioned goals, a methodology for designing the control strategy of different power converters connected to a dc bus without a centralized system management control unit is proposed. In this way, a plug-and-play functionality for connecting new power converter interfaced elements in the dc network able to stabilize the voltage under different working conditions is realized. In order to prove the advantages obtainable with such a network, a 100-kW dc test facility has been realized at the laboratories of RSE. Different working conditions were tested by means both of numerical and experimental results, proving the effectiveness of the proposed strategy for voltage regulation, continuity of service, and the smart use of storage devices.