DC power demonstrations in Japan

TitleDC power demonstrations in Japan
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHirose K
Conference Name8th International Conference on Power Electronics - ECCE Asia
Date Publishedmay
ISBN Number978-1-61284-958-4
KeywordsBatteries, Direct current, Grounding, HVDC transmission, information and telecommunications technology, Plugs, power quality and reliability, Rectifiers, standardization, telecom power plant, Telecommunications
AbstractIn recent years, information and communications technology (ICT) systems has been consuming energy increasingly rapidly all over the world. One of the more energy efficient power architectures is a DC distribution system with less power conversion stages. This DC power system has also other benefits: higher reliability, inter-connectivity to storage equipment and renewable energy sources, compactness, and so on. This paper describes the history of and trends in DC power technologies and outlines demonstration projects by NTT FACILITIES in Japan.