{DC task team report}

Title{DC task team report}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHesla E, Brusso B, Downey L, Giese B, Parise G, Valdes M, Clemente K, Cook C, Dionise T, Garland P, Fox G, Floyd L, Halpin M, Hittel M, Hoerauf R, Hornberger B, Johnson TE, Kozol KW, Larsen E, Lee W-J, Lequesne B, Mardegan C, McClung LB, McCullough D, Mills TD, Mozina C, Mohla D, Mitolo M, Neeser D, Patterson B, Paul D, Scheuerman D, Shipp D, Sutherland P
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAC-DC power converters, commercial power systems, DC distribution, dc loads, dc standards, DC task team report, Direct-current, energy efficiency, IAS, ICPS, Key Words, outline design considerations, power distribution, power sources, power supply, power system, standards organizations
AbstractIn light of the rapid growth of dc loads, ICPS created a small team to outline design considerations for dc distribution and controls. Broad interest in the subject brought in a large group who provided substantial support for the Team. The report begins with a brief background followed by discussion of design considerations that affect ICPS and IAS. The key part of the report is Part IV, which outlines in detail a path forward for ICPS and for IAS. Appendix A outlines an approach toward developing dc standards or recommended practices for design of industrial and commercial power systems. Appendix B lists some of the organizations and individuals that are working on related dc issues at present.