DSP-based current control of three-phase AC/DC PWM converter with model reference adaptive identifier

TitleDSP-based current control of three-phase AC/DC PWM converter with model reference adaptive identifier
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsTakeshita T, Matsui N
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992. PESC '92 Record., 23rd Annual IEEE
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAC/DC PWM converter, adaptive control, Adaptive systems, convergence time, Current control, digital signal processing chips, DSP-based current control, electric current control, Equations, instantaneous voltage equation, model reference adaptive control systems, model reference adaptive identifier, Parameter estimation, parameter identification, power convertors, power system modeling, Programmable control, Pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, pulse-width-modulated, Reactive power, sinusoidal input current waveform, three-phase
AbstractThe authors report the input current control of a three-phase pulse-width-modulated (PWM) converter. The proposed control can realize a unity effective input power factor and a sinusoidal input current waveform. The current control is performed with the instantaneous voltage equation of the converter, and system parameters are identified by a model reference adaptive systems (MRAS). Therefore, high-performance current control is achieved even if the converter parameters are unknown. In the parameter identification, the number of identified parameters can be halved to reduce the convergence time by expanding a conventional MRAS to the complex plane and by shifting the sampling points of the identification from those of the current control. The effectiveness of the current control and parameter identification methods has been demonstrated by simulations and experiments