A family of closed-form duty cycle control laws for three-phase boost AC/DC converter

TitleA family of closed-form duty cycle control laws for three-phase boost AC/DC converter
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsPan C-T, Shieh J-J
ISBN Number0278-0046 VO - 45
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, adjustable DC voltage, balanced input voltage, Bidirectional power flow, bidirectional power flow capability, clean sinusoidal input current, closed-form duty cycle control laws, controllable power factor, converter reliability enhancement, DC-DC power converters, dead-band scheme, fixed switching frequency, losses, Power system harmonics, Pulse width modulation, Reactive power, Rectifiers, Reliability, switching circuits, Switching loss, switching loss reduction, thermal stress, Thermal stresses, three-phase boost AC/DC converter, Thyristors, unbalanced input voltage, Voltage control
AbstractIn this paper, a basic closed-form duty cycle control law is first derived for the proposed AC/DC converter to achieve clean sinusoidal input current, adjustable DC voltage, controllable power factor and bidirectional power flow capability, and fixed switching frequency, without using any current sensor. Then, a second dead-band scheme is derived from the previous basic form to achieve the same function and to reduce switching loss and thermal stress. Similarly, a four-switch scheme is also derived to provide a new operation mode to enhance the reliability of the converter. Modified control laws of the above family are also considered to handle the effect of unbalanced input voltage. It is very interesting to see that a unified theory can be used to give the above family of duty cycle control laws under both balanced and unbalanced input voltage. Some simulation and experimental results are presented for verification