Feedback control of the input DC voltage sources of the seven levels NPC voltage source inverter

TitleFeedback control of the input DC voltage sources of the seven levels NPC voltage source inverter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsGheraia H, Berkouk EM, Manesse G
Conference NameAfricon, 1999 IEEE
ISBN NumberVO - 2
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, asynchronous machines, closed loop DC output voltage, control design, control simulation, control system analysis, control system synthesis, DC-AC power convertors, Density estimation robust algorithm, feedback, Feedback control, Hysteresis, induction machine cascade, Induction machines, input DC voltage source feedback control, input DC voltage source stability, invertors, machine theory, multilevel inverters, open loop DC output voltage, Open loop systems, performance, Performance analysis, Pulse width modulation inverters, PWM power convertors, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, Stability, three-phase seven-level NPC voltage source inverte, three-phase two-level PWM rectifier, Voltage, Voltage control
AbstractIn this paper, the authors examine the input DC voltage source stability of a three-phase seven-level NPC voltage source inverter. In spite of the advantages of multilevel inverters compared to two-level topologies, the unbalance voltage of the different input DC voltage sources constitute a major limitation of multilevel inverters. In this paper, the authors study the performances of a three-phase two-level PWM rectifier-three-phase seven-level NPC voltage source inverter-induction machine cascade in the case of open loop and closed loop DC output voltage of the two-level PWM rectifier