{A Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid and Its Coordination Control}

Title{A Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid and Its Coordination Control}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLiu X, Wang P, Loh PChiang
Conference NameSmart Grid, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number1949-3053 VO - 2
KeywordsAC link, AC-DC power convertors, AC-DC-AC conversion, ambient temperature, Batteries, Converters, coordination control algorithm, DC link, DC-AC power convertors, DC-AC-DC conversion, distributed power generation, energy management, energy management systems, Equations, grid control, grid operation, hybrid AC-DC microgrid, hybrid microgrid, Integrated circuit modeling, load condition, Load modeling, Mathematical model, MATLAB, multibidirectional converter, power grids, PV system, smooth power transfer, solar irradiation level, stable system operation, Voltage control, wind power generation, wind power plants, wind speed
AbstractThis paper proposes a hybrid ac/dc micro grid to reduce the processes of multiple dc-ac-dc or ac-dc-ac conversions in an individual ac or dc grid. The hybrid grid consists of both ac and dc networks connected together by multi-bidirectional converters. AC sources and loads are connected to the ac network whereas dc sources and loads are tied to the dc network. Energy storage systems can be connected to dc or ac links. The proposed hybrid grid can operate in a grid-tied or autonomous mode. The coordination control algorithms are proposed for smooth power transfer between ac and dc links and for stable system operation under various generation and load conditions. Uncertainty and intermittent characteristics of wind speed, solar irradiation level, ambient temperature, and load are also considered in system control and operation. A small hybrid grid has been modeled and simulated using the Simulink in the MATLAB. The simulation results show that the system can maintain stable operation under the proposed coordination control schemes when the grid is switched from one operating condition to another.