{A hybrid smart AC/DC power system}

Title{A hybrid smart AC/DC power system}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKurohane K, Senjyu T, Uehara A, Yona A, Funabashi T, Kim C-H
Conference NameIndustrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), 2010 the 5th IEEE Conference on
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAC grid, Control systems, controllable loads, Current control, DC bus voltage, DC distribution, droop characteristic, electric current control, electric heating, electric vehicles, electric water heater, Energy consumption, Hybrid power systems, hybrid smart AC-DC power system, load control, load regulation, Matlab-power system environment, power consumption control, power control, Power generation, smart grid, Smart grids, smart power grids, Temperature control, Voltage control, Water heating, Wind energy generation, wind generators, wind power generation
AbstractRecently, a smart grid has been attracted attention from the background of the introduction promotion of natural energy. At present, a smart grid based on AC grid has been proposed. However, no paper or article has been presented or published on a smart grid based on DC grid. This paper presents a AC/DC hybrid power system. The system has advantages on both DC and AC grid. The power system consists of wind generators and controllable loads. The controllable loads have different capacities. Therefore, by applying power consumption control under the droop characteristic, the DC bus voltage are maintained in the acceptable range. As the controllable loads, electric water heater and electric vehicles are used. The effectiveness of the proposed method is performed by using MATLAB/POWER SYSTEM{\textless}sup{\textgreater}{&}{\#}x00AE;{\textless}/sup{\textgreater} environment.