{A multilevel voltage-source converter system with balanced DC voltages}

Title{A multilevel voltage-source converter system with balanced DC voltages}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsPeng FZ, Lai J-S, McKeever J, VanCoevering J
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1995. PESC '95 Record., 26th Annual IEEE
ISBN NumberVO - 2
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, AC/DC converters, back-to-back interconnection, balanced DC voltages, Capacitors, DC-AC power convertors, DC/AC converters, electrical traction drives, induction motor drives, internal converters connection, multilevel voltage-source converter, Power system dynamics, power system interconnection, power system simulation, Pulse width modulation converters, Rectifiers, Regulators, Switching converters, Transformers, Voltage
AbstractIn this paper, a multilevel voltage-source converter system is proposed for high-voltage, high-power applications such as back-to-back interconnection of power systems, large induction motor drives, and electrical traction drives. Multilevel voltage-source converters have a voltage unbalance problem in the DC capacitors. The problem may be solved by use of additional voltage regulators or separate DC sources. However, these solutions are found not to be practicable for most applications. The proposed converter system can solve the voltage unbalance problem of the conventional multilevel voltage-source converters, without using any additional voltage balance circuits or separate voltage sources. The mechanism of the voltage unbalance problem is analyzed theoretically in this paper. The voltage unbalance problem of multilevel converters in the DC capacitors has been solved by the proposed internal connections of the AC/DC and DC/AC converters. The validity of the new converter system is demonstrated by simulation and experiment