{New current-controlled PWM rectifier-voltage source inverter without DC link components}

Title{New current-controlled PWM rectifier-voltage source inverter without DC link components}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsIimori K, Shinohara K, Tarumi O, Fu Z, Muroya M
Conference NamePower Conversion Conference - Nagaoka 1997., Proceedings of the
ISBN NumberVO - 2
Keywords0.75 kW, Capacitors, Circuits, converter life limiting, current feedback, current-controlled PWM rectifier-voltage source in, electric current control, electrolytic capacitor, feedback, induction motor drive, induction motor drives, near-sinusoidal AC source current waveforms, power factor, Pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation inverters, PWM invertors, PWM power convertors, Reactive power, rectifier control, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, Reliability, Signal generators, Switches, unity power factor, Voltage control
AbstractThe voltage-source inverters are normally equipped with an electrolytic capacitor in their DC link, the electrolytic capacitor has several disadvantages such as increasing size, limiting converter life and reliability. Therefore several approaches for removing the DC link capacitor have been studied. This paper proposes a new voltage source inverter without DC link components, whose rectifiers are controlled by suitable current feedback to adjust near-sinusoidal AC source current waveforms at unity power factor. The calculated characteristics are described for a 0.75 kW induction motor driven by this inverter