{A new state feedback based transient control of PWM AC to DC voltage type converters}

Title{A new state feedback based transient control of PWM AC to DC voltage type converters}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsDraou A, Sato Y, Kataoka T
Conference NamePower Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0885-8993 VO - 10
KeywordsAC generators, AC input current elimination, AC side resistance, AC-DC power convertors, amplitude control, Analog-digital conversion, computer simulation, Damping, DC capacitance, DC generators, DC offset elimination, DC output current, DC voltage regulation, dynamic response, Filters, LC filter, low power laboratory model, phase control, Pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, PWM AC to DC voltage converter, PWM pattern generator, PWM power convertors, State feedback, state feedback based transient control, transient analysis, transient waveforms, Voltage control
AbstractThis paper presents a new state feedback based control strategy for a PWM AC to DC voltage type converter with phase and amplitude control. In this control strategy the state variables of the LC filter connected to the AC side of the converter are fed back to the PWM pattern generator, thereby eliminating a DC offset of the AC input currents as well as oscillations of the DC output current during transients. Computer simulation of the converter system with the proposed control strategy shows that the transient waveforms of AC input and DC output currents are improved greatly even if the damping effect of the AC side resistance can not be expected. The DC voltage regulation with good dynamic response is also achieved even if DC capacitance is substantially reduced. Experimental results from a low power laboratory model are also included to confirm the simulated results and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy