{From Pittsburgh to India, racing to reinvent the electric grid Pt 1/2}

Title{From Pittsburgh to India, racing to reinvent the electric grid Pt 1/2}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMoore D
KeywordsIndia, Solar
AbstractIndia — a country of 1.2 billion with one in four people living without electricity — has emerged as a proving ground for clean energy technology. The world's second-most populous nation and fastest-growing large economy has stretched the seams of its existing infrastructure, and the Indian government has pledged to bring power to nearly 300 million more people as early as 2019. It's a challenge that is continents away from Western Pennsylvania and yet energy researchers, companies and government officials in Pittsburgh are closely tied with their peers in India. The same technology being demonstrated for the benefit of struggling Indian villages like Tuvar is also at the center of fledgling efforts in Pittsburgh to figure out how renewable energy can work — and be profitable — on a large scale in the developed world. Researchers and advocates in the two countries are connected in their hope that microgrid technology — which allows for smaller, localized power generation and distribution systems — can bring light, communications, economic opportunity and even safety to low-income neighborhoods.