Power management strategy for plug and play DC microgrid

TitlePower management strategy for plug and play DC microgrid
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsYu X, Wang F, Huang AQ
Conference NameIEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe
Keywordscommunication ports, dc microgrid, Distributed control, plug and play, power management strategy
AbstractDC microgrid is getting more and more attention as an effective and efficient solution to integrate different kinds of renewable energy storage and energy resources with DC loads. A typical DC microgrid envisioned for future DC powered residential homes is investigated in this paper, including distributed power management strategy design, plug and play function implementation, communication ports to monitor the system performance. In this power management strategy, each module in the system is in the distributed control and can be plugged and unplugged into the system without affecting the system performance. Furthermore, the communication ports guarantee all modules information can be sent to the control center to monitor the whole system information.