{Soft switching four quadrant DC-link inverter generating sinusoidal waveforms}

Title{Soft switching four quadrant DC-link inverter generating sinusoidal waveforms}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsWoo BO, Cho GH
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 1992. PESC '92 Record., 23rd Annual IEEE
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAC/DC/AC, acoustic noise, Analog-digital conversion, current stresses, DC link invertors, dynamic performance, Electromagnetic interference, EMI, four quadrant operation, Frequency conversion, Frequency synthesizers, Hafnium, HF, Inverters, invertors, power conversion, power convertors, Power density, soft switching, Stress, switching circuits, Switching converters, Topology, Voltage, voltage stresses
AbstractA soft switching power converter topology for high frequency (HF) AC/DC/AC power conversion which synthesizes the sinusoidal output voltages and results in a considerable reduction of acoustic noise is proposed. The converter achieves soft switching without increasing the voltage or current ratings of devices and has the capability of HF and four quadrant operation. HF operation by soft switching provides several advantages such as high power density, low electromagnetic interference and high dynamic performance. The voltage stresses and the current stresses in this converter are limited to the supply voltage and the link current by the operation of a current free-wheeling circuit, and thus the VA ratings of devices are reduced to those of the hard-switched inverters. Simulation results are presented to verify the operational principle