{Sunny Island System Guide Supplying Off-Grid Areas with Electricity}

Title{Sunny Island System Guide Supplying Off-Grid Areas with Electricity}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
JournalSMA Solar Technology
AbstractStand-alone power systems can easily be set up using the Sunny Island battery inverters developed by SMA. With this technology, a reliable energy supply is possible even for off-grid areas. At first look, stand-alone power systems are as diverse as the landscapes in which they can be set up. This is because the ambient conditions determine which renewable energy source can be best applied on a case by case basis. Nevertheless, our experience gained from installing more than 1,000 standalone power systems worldwide has taught us that certain combinations of components are especially well-adaptable and form a solid basis for more complex systems. Taking into consideration the size of each individual system as well as the specific ambient conditions, we have prepared for you a summary of the typical fields of application for solar energy, battery banks and diesel generators. With these system solutions we would like not only to facilitate your introduction into the area of stand-alone power supply, but also to offer you concrete support for the planning of your stand-alone systems.