{A three-phase AC to DC converter with controllable displacement factor}

Title{A three-phase AC to DC converter with controllable displacement factor}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsWilliams BW, Mirkazemi-Moud M, Tooth D, Finney SJ
ISBN NumberVO - 2
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, bipolar transistor switches, circuit design, controllable displacement factor, DC-DC power converters, differential output voltage information, Displacement control, IGBT, Inductors, Information filtering, Information filters, Insulated gate bipolar transistors, linearised overmodulation, losses, on-state losses, output filter capacitor current monitoring, output inductor, output inductor current feedback, output voltage transient performance, PI control, power bipolar transistors, power semiconductor switches, Power system harmonics, rectification, rectifying circuits, sinusoidal input current, soft switching, switching circuits, Switching converters, Switching loss, switching losses, three-phase AC/DC power converter, triplen AC line components, two-term control, Voltage, Voltage control
AbstractAn IGBT three-phase unidirectional AC to DC power converter is presented which has reduced on-state and switching losses and sinusoidal input current. Use of linearised overmodulation, up to full rectification conditions, improves output voltage transient performance. Output filter capacitor current monitoring provides differential output voltage information for a PI and velocity controller. Output inductor current feedback eliminates triplen AC line components resulting from the use of an output inductor of finite inductance