{A Three-Phase AC-to-DC Power Transistor Converter-Controlled DC Motor Drive}

Title{A Three-Phase AC-to-DC Power Transistor Converter-Controlled DC Motor Drive}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsDoradla SR, Mandal SK
Conference NameIndustry Applications, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0093-9994 VO - IA-23
KeywordsAvailability, Circuits, DC motors, Power supplies, power transistors, Pulse modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, Pulsed power supplies, Velocity control, Voltage control
AbstractA three-phase ac-to-dc power transistor converter that is suitable for speed control of a dc motor and for a variable dc power supply is investigated. The availability of power transistors of fairly high power rating has made the task of ac-to-dc conversion relatively easy due to simplification of the converter circuit configuration. The external performance characteristics of the power transistor converter-controlled separately excited dc motor are obtained by employing the equal pulsewidth modulation (EPWM) control technique with 18 pulses per half-cycle of the supply voltage and are verified experimentally. There is good agreement between experimental and theoretical results. The external performance is also evaluated under constant torque operation. The use of inductance-capacitance (LC) filters for reducing the effect of predominant supply harmonics is briefly discussed. Experimental oscillograms of some typical waveforms are illustrated to verify the basic principles of operation.