Three-phase step-down reversible AC-DC power converter

TitleThree-phase step-down reversible AC-DC power converter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsGreen TC, Taha MH, Rahim NA, Williams BW
Conference NamePower Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0885-8993 VO - 12
Keywords1.5 kVA, AC-DC power convertors, bidirectional DC current flow, bidirectional flow, Bridge circuits, Buck converters, Circuit topology, controlled displacement factor, Diodes, Displacement control, dynamic performance, IEC standards, invertors, PI controller, Prototypes, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, sinusoidal current, step-down reversible AC-DC power converter, switch-mode rectifier, switched mode power supplies, Switches, three-phase AC-DC converter, two-term control, variable voltage transfer ratio, velocity controller, Voltage control
AbstractBidirectional DC current flow is not a natural feature of the buck (step-down) switch-mode rectifier, which leaves it at a disadvantage to boost (step-up) designs. A circuit topology is presented that allows bidirectional flow and which, by dual use of components, uses fewer devices than anti-parallel bridges. Sinusoidal current, controlled displacement factor, and variable voltage transfer ratio are demonstrated in a 1.5 kVA prototype. Dynamic performance is investigated through simulation and experiment. A PI plus velocity controller is shown to be adequate provided care is taken over changing between rectification and inversion