DC Heart Virtual Home

Virtual Home Tour

We invite you to take a virtual tour of a residential home and see how DC (Direct Current) technology can currently be used to create an environmentally-friendly home!  Rooms include: 1) Entryway; 2) Living & Dining room; 3) Kitchen; 4) Bedroom; 5) Bathroom; 6) Home Office/Media Room; 7) Utility Room and 8) Garage.  Wiring DC throughout your home will help lower energy costs, while at the same time, lower the carbon footprint. 

Throughout the virtual tour, you will have the opportunity to learn how common household objects can run efficiently on DC Current.  Just click on the “DC Heart” icon as you move through each space and discover such illuminating facts as: 1) Did you know that dimmer lighting saves around 30% of energy costs compared to standard lighting?;  2) How about the fact that DC-powered refrigerators save at least 25% in energy costs?  The savings can really add up considering that after HVAC, refrigerators consume more energy than any other device in the home.  These facts are just the beginning of what you will discover as you navigate from room to room.

We hope that you will enjoy the virtual tour and that it will inspire you to learn more about how DC technology can forever change the way the world becomes electrified!