{Bosch, Honda Demo Commercial-Scale DC Microgrid - Energy Manager Today}

Title{Bosch, Honda Demo Commercial-Scale DC Microgrid - Energy Manager Today}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHardesty L
JournalEnergy Manager Today
Keywordsbosch, building systems, california lighting technology center, deals {&} partnerships, energy efficiency, energy management, Energy storage, grid, imergy, Lighting, maxwell technologies, Microgrid, News, on-site energy, Solar, United States
AbstractThe California Energy Commission has proposed a {\$}2.8 million award to Robert Bosch to demonstrate a direct current, renewable-based microgrid. With this award, Bosch will demonstrate the effectiveness of its direct-current building-scale microgrid platform in an American Honda Motor parts distribution center. The project is designed to illustrate the viability and benefits of a commercial-scale DC building grid compared with conventional AC-based grid connected solar photovoltaic systems or microgrids.