{Digital current controller with delay compensator for PWM converters}

Title{Digital current controller with delay compensator for PWM converters}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsLee J-W, Kang B-H
Conference NameElectric Machines and Drives Conference Record, 1997. IEEE International
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAnalytical models, circuit analysis computing, compensation, computer simulation, control response, control simulation, control system analysis computing, control system synthesis, Control systems, current capacity utilisation factor, Current control, decoupled current control behavior, delay compensator, Delay effects, delay systems, Design methodology, digital control, digital current controller, electric current control, Error correction, power engineering computing, Pulse width modulation converters, PWM power converters, PWM power convertors, SIMULINK/MATLAB, software packages, Steady-state, time delay dead time, Voltage control
AbstractFrom a cost-effective point of view, it is very important to design current controllers with the highest utilization factor of current capacity of power devices. This can be accomplished by a current controller without overshoot irrespective of the varying bound of control voltage in PWM power converters and the dead time due to the time delay. This paper suggests a novel current controller with delay compensator which has fast control response without overshoot and also deals with the design method of the controller for PWM power converters. Extensive simulations performed using SIMULINK/MATLAB show that the suggested controller guarantees the full utilization of current capacity of power devices and the decoupled current control behavior