{Efficient home appliances for a future DC residence}

Title{Efficient home appliances for a future DC residence}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRodriaguez-Otero MA, O'Neill-Carrillo E
Conference Name2008 IEEE Energy 2030 Conference, ENERGY 2008
KeywordsCO 2 emissions, Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
AbstractThis paper focuses on the adaptation of residential home appliances to recent advances in power electronics technology and to a DC supply of power. This is motivated by the DC nature of most home appliances, and also the DC output of many renewable technologies. With the advances in power electronics technologies, the monthly power consumption of a residence can be greatly reduced, and as a result, system costs associated with the acquisition of a renewable system can be reduced by increasing the efficiency of each individual appliance through the use of a DC supply. Furthermore, completely operating a residence from renewable sources increases the reduction of CO{\textless}sub{\textgreater}2{\textless}/sub{\textgreater} emissions from the residential sectors.