{Electrical plug and outlet for the DC distribution system in buildings}

Title{Electrical plug and outlet for the DC distribution system in buildings}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTechakittiroj K
Conference NameControl, Automation and Systems, 2008. ICCAS 2008. International Conference on
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KeywordsAutomatic control, building management systems, commercial building, Contacts, DC Circuit Breaker, DC distribution, dc distribution system, DC Switch, DC voltage, double-pole single-throw switch, electric connectors, Electrical Outlet, electrical plug, electrical spark, Inductors, normal snubber protection circuit, Plugs, power distribution, PSpice, RCD snubber, Resistors, snubbers, Sparks, Switches, switching circuits, Voltage control
AbstractThis paper analyses the characteristics of electrical plug and outlet in the DC distribution system. The circuit for a simulation of both plug and outlet in PSpice is given. The interest of using DC voltage in a building becomes more increasing. The plug and outlet are necessary parts to make the implementation of DC voltage system in a commercial building. The plug and outlet can be modeled as the double-pole single-throw switch. The normal snubber protection circuit cannot be used because of the isolation of the plug and outlet when they are disconnected. A solution has been proposed as a simple idea to reduce electrical spark when the plug and outlet are isolated from each other. The concept is modified version of the RCD snubber. The electrical spark is eliminated but the voltage rise at the outlet still exists. This high voltage happens in the short period and has only a small effect on the DC bus. This ripple in the DC bus should be acceptable by treating it as the voltage tolerance in the distribution system.