Fast current controller in 3-phase AC/DC boost converter using d-q axis cross-coupling

TitleFast current controller in 3-phase AC/DC boost converter using d-q axis cross-coupling
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsChoi J-W, Sul S-K
ISBN Number0275-9306 VO - 1
Keywords3-phase AC/DC boost converter, AC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, control system synthesis, Control systems, controllers, Current control, current controller, d-q axis cross-coupling, DC link regulator, electric current control, fast current controller, fast transient response, Hysteresis, Industrial control, minimum time current controller, optimal control, Regulators, steady state characteristics, Steady-state, synchronous frame PI controller, Transient response, two-term control, Voltage
AbstractIn this paper, a new simple current controller with both the satisfactory steady state characteristics and the fast transient response is proposed. In this scheme, a reference modification part is incorporated with the generally used synchronous frame PI controller for the fast transient response. Simulation and experimental results are presented and show the effectiveness of the proposed current controller. In the simulation and experimental results, both the current controller and the DC link regulator show the conspicuous performance improvement. It is also observed in the simulation and experiment that the proposed current controller has a similar characteristic as a synchronous frame PI controller in the steady state and as a minimum time current controller in the transient state