{Feasibility study of DC electrical distribution system}

Title{Feasibility study of DC electrical distribution system}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPark JSung, Choi J-H, Gu B-G, Jung I-S
Conference NamePower Electronics and ECCE Asia (ICPE {&} ECCE), 2011 IEEE 8th International Conference on
ISBN Number2150-6078 VO -
KeywordsDC electrical distribution system, DC power, direct energy conversion, distribution networks, efficiency, Electricity, energy conservation, Energy conversion, energy efficiency, high voltage system, Lighting, low voltage system, Power demand, Refrigerators, renewable energy, Renewable energy resources, renewable energy sources, Washing machines
AbstractThis paper describes a feasibility study of DC electrical distribution system in Korea houses. This study is simulated based on several statistics. As house loads, we consider as an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a washing machine, lighting and a television in each house. This paper reviews possibilities of several DC electrical distribution systems with renewable energy. The distribution system is classified by depending on the type of distribution such as high voltage system, low voltage system, mix of high and low voltage system, mix of AC and high voltage system, and mix of AC and low voltage system. There is potential of cost competitiveness and energy efficiency.