{High efficiency 3-phase input quasi-single-stage PFC-DC/DC converter}

Title{High efficiency 3-phase input quasi-single-stage PFC-DC/DC converter}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsYing J, Lu B, Zeng J
Conference NamePower Electronics Specialists Conference, 2001. PESC. 2001 IEEE 32nd Annual
ISBN Number0275-9306 VO - 4
Keywords380 V, 40 to 60 V, 93 percent, AC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, Diodes, Filters, harmonic distortion, IEC standards, input harmonic current, Low voltage, power conversion harmonics, power factor correction, Power harmonic filters, Prototypes, rectifying circuits, soft-switching, Stress, Switches, three-phase input quasi-single-stage PFC-AC/DC con, Topology, total harmonic distortion
AbstractThis paper presents a novel quasi-single-stage topology for a 3-phase input AC/DC power converter with power factor correction (PFC). There are soft-switching conditions of all switches, low voltage stresses on the output diodes, and smaller input and output filters in this topology. A quasi-wave prototype with 380 VAC+/-30{%} input, 40-60 VDC output was built and its efficiency was about 93{%}. The input harmonic current meets IEC61000-3-2 Class A standards, and the total harmonic distortion level is about 10{%} at rated input voltage. Experimental results show that the novel AC/DC converter with PFC has the advantage of low cost, small size, light weight and high efficiency