{A Hybrid Microgrid With DC Connection at Back to Back Converters}

Title{A Hybrid Microgrid With DC Connection at Back to Back Converters}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMajumder R
ISBN Number1949-3053 VO - 5
KeywordsAC microgrid, AC systems, AC-DC power convertors, AC-DC sides, B2B connection, B2B converters, Back to back converters, connected loads, DC bus connection, dc connection, DC link, dc microgrid, DC microsources, DC system, distributed power generation, grid connected microgrid, hybrid microgrid, hybrid structure, Microgrid, power distribution, Power management, PSCAD, Voltage source converter, voltage support
AbstractThe necessity of an AC or DC microgrid is governed by available micro sources and connected loads. A hybrid structure can ensure a sustainable configuration blending both the forms. In this paper, a hybrid microgrid structure for a grid connected microgrid with DC connection at back to back (B2B) converters is proposed. While a B2B connection between two AC systems could bestow a reliable, isolated and efficient coupling, an extra DC bus connection can facilitate use of the DC micro sources. The DC bus can supply the local DC loads and can also trade part of the power with the AC grids. The voltage support at the DC link (of the B2B converters) can be used for the DC bus formation. Different power management strategies with fixed power references or decentralized power distribution in AC/DC sides are proposed and validated with simulations in PSCAD.