{Improved immunity of current sensorless AC-DC converters for mains voltage disturbances}

Title{Improved immunity of current sensorless AC-DC converters for mains voltage disturbances}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsGhijselen JAL, Van den Bossche APM, Melkebeek JAA
ISBN Number0275-9306 VO - 2
Keywords2.2 kW, 400 V, AC-DC power converters, AC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, boost-type AGDC converters, buck-type AGDC converters, continuous inductor voltage waveforms, control system synthesis, Current control, Current measurement, current sensorless AC-DC power converters, discontinuous inductor voltage waveforms, electric current control, Filtering, Filters, harmonic distortion, indirect current control, inductor voltage control scheme, Inductors, mains voltage disturbances immunity, power conversion harmonics, power inductors, rectifying circuits, Sampling methods, Sensorless control, switching circuits, Voltage control
AbstractAC-DC converters can be succesfully controlled without line current sensors or estimators. This approach is generally referred to as indirect current control (ICC). However, the lack of actual line current information renders the converter susceptible to mains voltage disturbances. Inductor voltage control (IVC) requires no line current measurement or estimation. IVC was recently shown to be successful for the control of buck-type AC-DC converters, which exhibit continuous inductor voltage waveforms. In this paper, the IVC approach is extended and applied to the discontinuous inductor voltage waveforms of boost-type AC-DC converters. To demonstrate its use, a basic IVC control loop is implemented to improve the immunity for mains voltage disturbances of an ICC boost-type AC-DC converter. The results are verified on a 400 V, 2.2 kW prototype