{Lifestyles Reportłdots}In my travels spring 2016 | New Pittsburgh Courier}

Title{Lifestyles Reportłdots}In my travels spring 2016 | New Pittsburgh Courier}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNorrell D
KeywordsDC power, Solar, United States
AbstractWhile I was doing a show recently at Homewood AME Zion Church a friend told me she saw a “tiny house” around the corner from the church. A tiny house in Homewood? I had to go and investigate. It looks like a tiny house but it isn't one. The sign on the house reads: Business of Humanity Project and Oasis Farm {&} Fishery presents Off-Grid DC- Powered Laboratory. DC stands for direct current. Thank goodness for a phone with a camera because I did not have time to write all that down. I looked it up when I got home and found only a YouTube video that showed the building of the project but clearly explained what is going on. I highly recommend that if you live in or near Homewood that you will watch the video. I think you should watch it about three or four times to get the full explanation of what is happening. I think this is just the first of a transformation for Homewood.