A modified back-to-back HVDC system for 36-pulse operation

TitleA modified back-to-back HVDC system for 36-pulse operation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsVillablanca M, Del Valle J, Rojas J, Abarca J, Rojas W
Conference NamePower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0885-8977 VO - 15
Keywords36-pulse operation, Active filters, Bridge circuits, economic benefits, harmonic distortion, harmonics suppression, HVDC power convertor harmonics elimination, HVDC power convertors, HVDC power transmission, HVDC transmission, Inverters, large power systems interconnection, Load flow, modified back-to-back HVDC transmission system, power conversion harmonics, Power harmonic filters, Power system harmonics, power system interconnection, Power system transients, Rectifiers, technical benefits, transient behavior
AbstractRecently, back-to-back HVDC power transmission systems have greatly increased. They interconnect large power systems offering numerous technical and economic benefits. The design of AC system filters, however, is not an easy task. Also, filters do not remove all the harmonics for which they are tuned, are costly and have a complicated transient behavior. In this paper a 36-pulse filterless configuration for back-to-back HVDC systems is proposed, whereby harmonics are eliminated within the converter, thus opening the possibility of advantages in aspects of design, reliability and capital savings