PWM rectifier with low DC voltage ripple for magnet supply

TitlePWM rectifier with low DC voltage ripple for magnet supply
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsCiscato D, Malesani L, Rossetto L, Tenti P, Basile GL, Pasti M, Voelker F
Conference NameIndustry Applications, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0093-9994 VO - 28
Keywords60 kW, Bridge circuits, bridge rectifiers, control strategies, GTO switches, hybrid PWM/delta techniques, Linear particle accelerator, low DC voltage ripple, Low voltage, magnet supply, Magnetic switching, Magnetic variables control, multilevel delta modulation, optimum digital PWM, particle acceleration, power supplies to apparatus, preprogrammed switching strategies, Pulse width modulation, Pulsed power supplies, PWM rectifier, Rectifiers, Space vector pulse width modulation, Switches, thyristor applications, two-quadrant operation, variable switching patterns
AbstractPWM (pulsewidth-modulated) bridge rectifiers with GTO switches are considered for application to particle acceleration magnet power supplies, where two-quadrant operation and extremely low DC current ripple are required. Different control strategies, with both preprogrammed and variable switching patterns, are examined and compared in view of optimization of the system performance. In particular, optimum digital PWM, multilevel delta modulation, and hybrid PWM/delta techniques are analyzed. The validity of the control methods is verified by simulation and experimental tests on a 60 kW prototype