ROM-based current controller for three-phase boost-type AC/DC converter

TitleROM-based current controller for three-phase boost-type AC/DC converter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsShieh J.-J., Pan CT
Conference NameElectric Power Applications, IEE Proceedings -
ISBN Number1350-2352 VO - 145
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, adjustable DC voltage, availability enhancement, bidirectional power flow capability, control design, control performance, control schemes, control simulation, control system analysis, control system synthesis, controllable power factor, electric current control, fixed switching frequency, input voltage distortion insensitivity, power engineering computing, read-only storage, rectification, rectifying circuits, ROM-based current controller, sinusoidal input current, three-phase boost-type AC/DC power converter, Voltage control
AbstractA rather simple ROM-based current controller is proposed for a three-phase boost type AC/DC power converter to achieve a clean sinusoidal input current, controllable power factor, an adjustable DC voltage, a bidirectional power flow capability, a fixed switching frequency and one insensitive to input voltage distortion. Three control schemes are proposed and integrated in the same controller. As well as the basic scheme, there are a further two choices for either reducing almost half the switch loss or enhancing the availability of the converter, while one arm of the converter fails. A prototype is constructed, and experimental results validate the simulated results