{SmartGrid: Future networks for New Zealand power systems incorporating distributed generation}

Title{SmartGrid: Future networks for New Zealand power systems incorporating distributed generation}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNair N-KC, Zhang L
JournalEnergy Policy
Date Publishedsep
KeywordsDistributed generation, Electrical power systems, power grids
AbstractThe concept of intelligent electricity grids, which primarily involves the integration of new information and communication technologies with power transmission lines and distribution cables, is being actively explored in the European Union and the United States. Both developments share common technological developmental goals but also differ distinctly towards the role of distributed generation for their future electrical energy security. This paper looks at options that could find relevance to New Zealand (NZ), in the context of its aspiration of achieving 90{%} renewable energy electricity generation portfolio by 2025. It also identifies developments in technical standardization and industry investments that facilitate a pathway towards an intelligent or smart grid development for NZ. Some areas where policy can support research in NZ being a “fast adapter” to future grid development are also listed. This paper will help policy makers quickly review developments surrounding SmartGrid and also identify its potential to support NZ Energy Strategy in the electricity infrastructure. This paper will also help researchers and power system stakeholders for identifying international standardization, projects and potential partners in the area of future grid technologies.