{A space vector-based rectifier regulator for AC/DC/AC converters}

Title{A space vector-based rectifier regulator for AC/DC/AC converters}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsHabetler TG
Conference NamePower Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0885-8993 VO - 8
KeywordsAC/DC/AC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, controller, Current control, deadbeat control, Electric variables control, Error correction, feedforward, harmonic performance, line current, machine control, modulation, power convertors, Power generation, Pulse width modulation, rectifier, Rectifiers, Regulators, space vectors, switching circuits, Switching frequency, switching state, transient performance, variable speed drives, Velocity control, Voltage control, voltage regulators, zero state
AbstractA voltage-sourced rectifier control scheme for use with AC/DC/AC variable speed drives is presented. A control scheme is derived that directly calculates the duration of time spent on the zero state and on each switching state adjacent to the reference vector, over a constant switching interval, in order to drive the line current vector to the reference vector. In addition, under transient conditions, when deadbeat control is not possible, a control scheme is presented that ensures that the line current vector is driven in the direction of the reference current vector. The current reference for the rectifier controller is derived from the bus voltage error and a feedforward term based on the estimated converter output power. The proposed space vector-based rectifier regulator is shown to exhibit improved harmonic and transient performance over existing per-phase duty cycle prediction methods, especially at modulation indices near unity. The deadbeat control of the rectifier input current is accomplished every half-cycle with constant switching frequency while still symmetrically distributing the zero state within the half-cycle period