Three-phase flyback AC-DC convertor with sinusoidal supply currents

TitleThree-phase flyback AC-DC convertor with sinusoidal supply currents
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsItoh R, Ishizaka K
Conference NameElectric Power Applications, IEE Proceedings B
ISBN Number0143-7038 VO - 138
Keywords3-phase flybacks AC-DC convertor, computerised control, digital PID controller, gate-turn-off thyristors, microcomputer, microcomputer applications, oscillatory transient operations, output voltage regulations, power convertors, power factor, Pulse width modulation, pulsewidth modulation, sinusoidal supply currents, state-space simulations, step-down characteristics, step-up characteristics, unidirectional power flow
AbstractA three-phase flyback AC-DC convertor which has the step-up and step-down characteristics of output voltage, is described. The introduction of pulsewidth modulation makes it possible to obtain the sinusoidal supply currents with a near unity power factor. Three gate-turn-off thyristors provide the necessary control over the currents for unidirectional power flow. To improve upon the oscillatory transient operations, the tested system includes the digital PID controller using a microcomputer for output voltage regulations. The experimental results and state-space simulations confirm the usefulness of the presented convertor