A three-phase predictive PWM AC/DC converter with phase compensation and space vector control

TitleA three-phase predictive PWM AC/DC converter with phase compensation and space vector control
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsChen L, Blaabjerg F
Conference NameApplied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 1995. APEC '95. Conference Proceedings 1995., Tenth Annual
ISBN NumberVO -
Keywords8 bit, AC-DC power convertors, adaptive compensation, adaptive control, Analog-digital conversion, compensation, Current control, DC link capacitance, DC-DC power converters, dynamic response, electric current control, fixed switching frequency, harmonics, microcontroller, Microcontrollers, performance, phase shift, power factor, Power system harmonics, predictive control, predictive current control, Pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, PWM power convertors, Reactive power, rectifying circuits, sampling frequency, Sampling methods, Space vector pulse width modulation, space vector PWM scheme, switching circuits, Switching converters, Switching frequency, three-phase PWM AC/DC power converter, unity power factor
AbstractIn this paper, a current-controlled three-phase PWM AC/DC power converter is described. The current control is based on the predictive and the space vector PWM scheme. The phase shift caused by the predictive current control is compensated adaptatively so that the predictive-controlled PWM AC/DC power converter can maintain its performance with unity power factor and fixed switching frequency at low sampling frequency. The control system is implemented by an 8-bit microcontroller. By using the space vector control, low ripples in the current and the voltage as well as fast dynamic responses are achieved with a small DC link capacitance employed