DC HEaRT is an initiative of the Business of Humanity® Project (BoH) at the Katz Graduate School of Business and the Swanson School. The BoH Project seeks to improve strategic decision making in organizations using case studies and actual business examples drawn from firms studied in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, India, Russia and the United States. The Project explores the proposition that: Strategic decision making that employs criteria falling under the rubric of "humanity" - in its two dimensions of "humaneness" and "humankind" - leads to superior economic performance. DC HEaRT is a BoH initiative because of DC Power's potential for energy saving, green characteristics, and spurring economic development and job growth.

The BoH Project documents management processes and strategic perspectives of companies practicing Business of Humanity®.  Their goal is to promote awareness among managers and academics, motivate discussion, examine the economic consequences, and demonstrate how to practice the Business of Humanity® tenets in their business plans.  The project has developed a 3-credit MBA course, titled BSPP2328 The Business of Humanity®: Strategic Management in the Era of Globalization, Innovation and Shared Value, offered in the MBA and Executive MBA programs in the Katz School.

Pittsburgh Project

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India Project

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Why Pittsburgh?

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